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NOW PLAYING at Ed Fringe 2023! 



Aug 4 - 12 at

11:25 AM

Greenside @ Infirmary St. - Ivy Studio (Venue 236) 


Donut Dollies tells the story of three women who were American Red Cross volunteers during WWII.  A new perspective on the war, told through the experience of three ‘Donut Dollies’ who were stationed with the soldiers in England. The story begins in late 1943 and follows Marnie, the crew captain tasked with training and preparing two newcomers, Louise and Ellie. At first, it seems the three women could not be more different. But that begins to change as time goes on; as personal struggles and the tragedies of war weigh too heavy for any of them to carry alone. 


There's more to the story, of course, so I hope you'll consider stopping by to review the show...and taste a donut!

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