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Meet Jenny & Giselle

We have been friends for years and collaborative producers on a number of projects.


We first met before our respective treks out to L.A. via the phone. We both needed an apartment and after a phone call or two decided to sign a lease as room mates from across the country. We were a little nervous at first until upon our first hour of meeting we realized we both were fanatically obsessed with Shirley Temple as little girls, and had both played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz the same year of high school. You could say we had a thing or two in common. 

Most importantly we shared a love for live performance and connecting with other people. This has made our collaborations a truly unique and valued partnership.

We are beyond excited to launch this partnered blog to share our starving artist lifestyles, our creative process on  projects from start to finish, and the up's and down's of  chasing our dreams.

We hope to connect with or inspire other people who are chasing their own dreams and goals, whatever those might be.

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